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Environments of grace. Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t it what we need? But more often we find ourselves critiqued. Our behavior, appearance and choices evaluated. Our performance measured. Our intentions judged. By peers, employers, and neighbors. By the expectations of our culture, and the perfection projected in magazines. Even by friends and family. And most often (and most destructive), by ourselves. Environments of judgment stifle us. Our insecurities dominate. We make mistakes. We don’t grow. We don’t learn. We look for escape. We seek self-improvement. And we’re never enough.

Jesus is a different kind of environment. He is where people are welcomed. Fed. Healed. Touched. Forgiven. Blessed. He is where people belong. Grow. Learn. Change. Thrive. Live! He is an environment of grace. It oozes from his love, seeping into our crevices that are dirty, embarrassing, and unattractive. It suffocates our unworthiness and breathes life into our spirit – the very spirit of God.

As the body of Christ, we become the dwelling place for God’s spirit. His temple. We are the environment for his grace to manifest within the world God’s redemptive love. Our homes, our families, our conversations. Our very beings. All environments of grace.

This virtual dwelling welcomes God’s Spirit to grace the words and images communicated.