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  1. Jessica Campasino
    Apr 1 2015 @ 2:03 pm

    Such perfect timing for this to come into my life! I’ve been thinking about the fickle weather we’ve had here in Pa and how it slowly transitions into Spring everywhere. It’s the same of our seasons in life at times. We slowly transition into them. Signs of sun appear and we get excited only to be met with another delay of a cloud of snow on the last day of March. “Bummer!” Is heard throughout the land. How neat that God knows how to feed and water the earth to bring about the spring and summer beauty we enjoy though. And yet we complain about it. Isn’t the same true of us when we are in our seasons of transition? We complain when God is taking too long on something we wait eagerly for . . . A new job, different circumstances, a clean bill of health, but He knows when to bring what we wait for to fruition. Humility. A lesson to be learned in waiting. That’s what needs to be slain in me —selfishness and pride. And my “Yes, Lord!” attitude needs to be resurrected again. Thank you for sharing. You have blessed me. God bless 🙂


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