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  1. Sean
    Dec 11 2013 @ 2:24 pm

    First I loved the “Groundhog Day” reference. Well played 🙂

    I love the honesty here Lori. “…less about what I’m calling my children to do, and everything about who God is calling them to be.” Boy is that a statement…wow!

    I’ve said to Tess before “Babe, if we’re constantly just loving our children then they have to turn out ok”. I ended that statement with a laugh, but kind of meant it. To me parenting can become very difficult. Not knowing the right way to react [like you, I’ve done things that were either brilliant or just damaging]. I found comfort in the fact that if I focus on just loving my girls then I could trust that was enough. Now with love comes a lot of direction and correction, but it takes some of the pressure off of having the right answers everytime.

    Glad to be on this journey with you guys!


    • Lori
      Dec 12 2013 @ 11:21 am

      Love you, Sean! Surely our annual Christmas sleepovers will turn our kids into wonderful adults 😉


  2. Jill
    Dec 11 2013 @ 3:23 pm

    Wow, This could have been my blog this week! Hallalujah, it happens in all our households! Isn’t it strange how much relief it brings to know others are going thru the same exact things with their kids! How I wish yours were as perfect as they seem in a picture and I wish mine were too………but they are not. They are all human and imperfect yet so perfectly made in HIS image. Thank you Father, that you allow us to see the eternal purpose in all the mundane! thank you Lori for your honestly and transparency!


    • Lori
      Dec 12 2013 @ 11:20 am

      Thank you for this sweet response. It’s good for all of us to see the imperfect. I wish I could have hugged you while you were in town!


  3. Sonia (Mom)
    Jan 13 2014 @ 8:56 pm

    Okay, I’m a little slow reading this post, but through my tears I’m writing: And bless her heart, she really did!! She’s a sweet daughter; loving wife; excellent mother of five; devoted sister and friend; and the best neighbor I could ever have!! And if I need to, I’ll say it all again! 🙂


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