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Jesus is a different kind of environment. He is where people are welcomed. Fed. Healed. Touched. Forgiven. Blessed. He is where people belong. Grow. Learn. Change. Thrive. Live! He is an environment of grace. It oozes from his love, seeping into our crevices that are dirty, embarrassing, and unattractive. It suffocates our unworthiness and breathes life into our spirit – the very spirit of God.

As the body of Christ, we become the dwelling place for God’s spirit. His temple. We are the environment for his grace to manifest within the world, to demonstrate God’s redemptive love. Our homes, our families, our conversations. Our very beings. All environments of grace.

This virtual dwelling welcomes God’s Spirit to grace the words and images communicated.

I would love to hear from you! Your comments, responses and stories speak into my life when you share them.

Lori Manry